The Lazzerini Love Story

I met Jacob in 2013 through mutual family and friends. We stayed in touch with each other over the years, though the timing was never quite right for anything more. Then one day I moved into my cousin’s condo in Cherry Valley and, when I went to set up my wifi, I noticed the name “Addisgear” pop up in “networks near me”. I realized Jacob was my neighbor and we literally lived across the street from each other! I sent him a message to confirm, and we have been inseparable ever since. 

Jacob and I quickly began dating and found we had tons of fun together, doing stuff like quoting our favorite movie lines and sharing our passion for music. Jacob plays guitar in a country band and I really loved going to his shows. With all we had in common and the love we felt for each other, marriage seemed like the perfect next step.

We decided to get married at Janesville Rotary Botanic Gardens in Wisconsin because we loved the romantic garden setting and it fit our theme perfectly. We wanted our wedding to be intimate but still fit our large families and friends in an outdoor setting. The Sunken Garden where we chose to exchange vows was private from the rest of the gardens and made us feel like we were in another country with all the large trees and the stone archway.

For our reception, we brought the party back to our hometown, to my great-uncle’s restaurant  Franchesco’s. We both have large families, so we were really excited to be able to bring everyone together and celebrate in one place. 

We wanted to keep the décor simple and formal with a white, black, and silver color palette, enhanced with plenty of sparkle. My cousin Kim, who works at Franchesco’s, did such an amazing job making all our visions come to life with her immaculate table set up. She also made our head table look like something out of a magazine! 

One of the big highlights of our reception was the food. I come from an Italian family, and both Jacob and I really enjoy a good meal. We had a four-course meal with three entree options for dinner. Our first plate was a caprese salad followed by a rotolo. The rotolo was a great idea Kim chose for us because we wanted a pasta instead of soup. 

Our entrees consisted of a beef, chicken, or fish option. The beef choice was Franchesco's boursin filet, a filet stuffed with boursin cheese and a sun dried tomato sauce. So decadent! We also offered their chicken Madeira, a chicken breast smothered in mozzarella cheese in a red wine sauce and mushrooms. Our fish dish was the miso sea bass, a super light and delicate white fish with a shake butter wine sauce. That was my choice for dinner and also one of my favorites on their menu. For a special touch, my family made cookies, the wedding cake, and pastries for all of our guests to enjoy.

The craziest thing that happened was we actually had a celebrity appearance at our reception. We found out Paul Teutul, Sr. of American Chopper was eating at Franchesco’s so we invited him to join us. He accepted and spent time posing with all of us for pictures on our “red carpet.”

Franchesco's was the perfect venue for us because it really is the best place to be with family! Not only is the restaurant absolutely beautiful, but the food is amazing, and the service is topnotch. There wasn't one thing I would have changed about our wedding. Everything went very smooth and the staff bent over backwards for us. Kim made it all happen. 

Jacob and I have families and friends we are so close to, and Franchesco’s was the ideal place to spend such a perfect day together.

Wedding Pictures