Franchesco's Ristorante - "The Beginning"



We lived in a Fred Flintstone house. No windows, no doors, just holes in the walls. We had the beads for the doors. No Electricity, no Running Water.

My Grandfather where this house was had this huge garden, he called it the Garden of Eden. It was the most beautiful thing I can remember. Vineyard Tunnels

Our Milk would come in the morning. They brought the goat, and they milked the goat. That was our milk. We raised our own chickens. And so we lived off the land. Now here's the thing,

It seemed like we had so little, it never felt like we needed anything. We always had food, we always had love.

There was no work in Sicily. He had seven brothers and two sisters. From the time he was old enough to work and leave the house. There was no work in Sicily. So he moved to England, while he was there his sister, who still lived in Sicily, sent him a picture of a girlfriend of hers.  He saw the picture and wrote her back and said I like her. He Moved down and met her, shortly after they were married

When we got to the states, we never had. the shock, the culture shock. When we landed in New York City. First time I saw those big cars, the big Fords, and the big Buicks.  All I remember is the three wheels, and in our little village, we had mostly horses. Now almost 50 years later. We’re heading to our 50th anniversary here on October 10th it’ll be 50 years. It’s quite a change, for my father especially.

I want you to think about the sacrifice my mother and father made to get us here. They lived the apart most of their lives. They lived apart to save enough money to come to the states. He’s an amazing man.