Midway Village

Midway Village


Midway Village Museum can provide the ideal setting for your next occasion. Whether you choose to take advantage of the 1900 America ambiance in the Village or use the modern Lakeview Rooms inside the Museum Center, the grounds provide a beautiful backdrop for any style wedding! The accommodations create a unique ambiance for your guests and provide you with a customer friendly team waiting to assist you.

What couples are saying

“Dear Lisa, and all of Midway Village staff, On behalf of our entire family, thank you so very much for the amazing job you did for the wedding and reception of my son, John, and new daughter-in-law, Crystal, this past week. Your kindness and hospitality went above and beyond our expectations. Also, I would like to share how impressed and amazed I was with the grounds and buildings around the Village. I live in Huntley, IL., and had never been to Midway Village before we visited and chose it for the ceremony and reception. The beautiful landscaping, the old trees, the flowers in their prime in the garden - it was all absolutely perfect for an early fall wedding. But what I found most impressive about Midway was the unmatched authenticity of the historical buildings on display. The church in particular served as a perfect venue for a modestly sized wedding ceremony, and with such a unique ambience our family and guests spoke of truly feeling transported to an earlier time. The pastor even opened the ceremony by marveling at how extraordinary it was for a new love to be taking root in such an old but veritable setting. The barn was equally impressive and had just the perfect atmosphere for a rustic country themed reception. The new floor in the lower level looked amazing! The same can be said for all of the buildings around Midway, each with their own unique story and aura about them. John annually attends World War II Days at Midway Village and he loves to recount how genuine and authentic the village feels as if he is truly experiencing another time and place in history. What a testament to the hard work, dedication, and resources that go towards maintaining and improving your wonderful village! You should be very proud of Midway. We could not possibly have been any happier or more impressed. As a family we are very much looking forward to becoming regular visitors to Midway Village in the months and years to come. Thank you all again. Keep up the good work. ”

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